Travel with NEXUS and fully enjoy your trip!

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Do you love Canada or the U.S.? Do you love to visit them from time to time, or you even live in some of them? What do you think about the travels to Canada or the U.S. and about the crossing their borders? Does not it take too much time to pass the customs check, or actually it is not a such big deal and you are very patience man…

In most cases, we travel with a companion and even if do not think that to cross the border is boring and taking too much time, our companion may not think so! So in order to avoid the long lines as well as to make our traveling enjoyable for all the travelers with whom we cross the border (family, friends etc.), just have to apply for a NEXUS card (NEXUS passport)!

Thus, you will rediscover every your trip to Canada or the U.S. and will see that to pass the customs check is not as so unpleasant procedure as you probably have been thinking. And once when you travel by using the NEXUS card and make sure in the advantage of traveling with the NEXUS program, will want to do that always! Do not believe? – Well, just read the rows bellow…

Advantage number 1 – end of the endless waiting at the airports for a check-in by using self-serve kiosks.

Advantage number 2 – start of the fast procedures when passing the customs checks.

Advantage number 3 – every NEXUS card has validity of 5 years.

Advantage number 4 – you can use your NEXUS membership when traveling by air, by sea and by land.

See, there are so many advantages that the NEXUS card will bring you. And all they are available only if you follow 4 steps! Four steps – four advantages ;).

The first and most important thing you must do when you’re ready to apply for getting a NEXUS card is to fill-in the application. The second one is to send it by email, while the third one is to perform the payment via bank transfer. The last thing you should do if you want to travel with NEXUS is to expect a confirmation that may takes about 24 hours (GOES profile). Ones when you receive it, have to go to the interview and that will be actually the final step!

In case you have no criminal record, as well as all your personal data are provided correctly, there won’t be any problem for you to get an approval. So, enjoy your NEXUS card when you receive it and travel more!!