How to organize our next travel and must we get a NEXUS card?

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Every travel must start with well-planned tourist program. That includes: choosing of destination (summer, winter etc.), fly tickets, hotel reservation/s, sightseeing schedule, preparing of the documents, luggage packing (the last step) and some other things you have to think about before to hit the road!

Actually, to organize your holiday is not as complicated as you probably think it is. If you carefully think about all the details and try not to miss something, you will be completely prepared for your upcoming family adventure away from your home! But have in mind that the most important part of every holiday (summer or winter) is the fast movement. Without it, you risk to spend an unpleasant family vacation that is different from that in your plans and dreams, so just pay attention to this very important factor. We are going to help you do this!

Get a NEXUS card. Together with your luggage and fly tickets, put in your pocket this card and cross the border really fast! But note that the NEXUS card is not valid worldwide; you can use it only when traveling between Canada and the U.S.! And even that you are somewhat limited in the use of your NEXUS card (you are not able to use it when traveling in Europe), to pass the customs inspection at customs in Canada and the U.S, is a “big deal”! Thus you will save lots of time, will avoid both the long waiting and lines, as well as will be able to pay more attention to your family instead to wait for hours… – How do you think, isn’t that completely enough for you to apply for a NEXUS card? See more here:!

It is clear that we are talking about family travels. Since most of the people hit the road with their beloved ones, it is very important they to have an alternative way of movement. Because every traveling parent knows that the fastness is one of the most significant factors for being every holiday fulfilling. Especially when it comes to family trips!

nexus card

Apply for NEXUS today and get the NEXUS family package ASAP. It is time for you to realize that even that you’re used to cross the borders slowly, there is a pass providing you with different movement. – Much faster and surprisingly pleasant!

When applying for a membership in the NEXUS program, you need to be informed what are the procedures and how to proceed when every member of the family agree to become a member of this trusted-traveling program! Perhaps you are wondering if it will be hard for you to apply, whether you will be approved at all and if you will be happy with your new way of crossing the borders of Canada and America! Yes, never doubt that the NEXUS program will make you happy. It will! But first you have to apply… Well, just do it and get ready for your next family adventure – surely, it will be different than the previous ones you have had!

Imagine that you are using the NEXUS family package for 5 years. You are so accustomed to travel with your card that you are even not able to travel in some different way… We completely understand you!  The NEXUS program will make you feel addicted to it, as the only thing you can do is to become more and more addicted… Yes, the only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it!

After 5 years of use of your NEXUS card, you must renew it of course. In order to be able to use the NEXUS program again, you have to renew it when it is time. Have in mind that you are able to renew it 180 days before the expired date and after that too. When applying for the whole family, the procedure is faster and facilitated, even that the steps are almost the same. If you do not believe just see this page for family renewal and make sure that everything is easy with the NEXUS program!

Of course, you have to meet the criteria that the program has defined in order to get an approval. You know what they are, but we will list them again: the absence of a criminal record, citizenship in Canada or the U.S. over the last 3 years, good reputation and desire for trips 🙂 If you really love to hit the road often and use every opportunity to see new places and sight, you definitely need a NEXUS card. And if you want to share these moments with your family, apply for the NEXUS family package! Step by step, you will come closer to the approval and respectively to the next amazing trip!

It is not to say that you have to have an expired NEXUS card to apply. You may have the need to apply again in case your NEXUS card is stolen, damaged or lost too! And even if you really have lost your pass, or someone has stolen it, know that there is a chance for you to fix things… You can apply for replacement, so click here if you lost your NEXUS card/pass or if it is missing in generally!


This is very easy procedure that will provide you with renewed NEXUS card, with the same expired date. When you notice that your pass for the borders of Canada and the U.S. is missing, hurry up and apply right after you have this chance. It is desirable to make it faster. Thus, you will get your replaced NEXUS card faster and will be able to travel comfortable once again and many times after that too!

Do not forget to fill in the application form, as first you have to download it from the website. The second step is to pay the fee and then to wait for approval (the hardest but the sweetest part of every applying).

We are sure that you won’t meet any troubles or difficulties when applying in the NEXUS program. However, if you have some questions or need more explanations, just email us. We will be more than happy to help you find the right way to the perfect travel!