Your NEXUS card is expired. Learn how to renew it!

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Every time when we write some of our articles, are trying to give you as many as possible useful tips. We have a mission and it is to help you in everything you do when it comes to trips and other important activities… Like the crossing the borders!

We know that most people love to travel abroad, because in this way they have the chance to explore new places. In other words – every traveler can see the world with different eyes, of course if he knows how to do it… It is not just about to watch with your eyes – you have to know how to watch with your souls. Thus, you will see the best of the world!

What could be better than a holiday to Canada? – Probably a holiday to the U.S. ;). We think that better than vacation to some of the biggest countries in the world is when you are able to cross their borders really fast – without waiting for a customs check and without the long lines typical for this kind of procedure…

Renewal NEXUS

Well, you can have it. You can travel very fast especially if you use a NEXUS card! Yep, this card is simply amazing, because it will provide you with lots of advantages when on the border, so that to move before the others and to pass the customs check immediately as well!

But what happens if your NEXUS card is expired? Will you be able to travel once again as before and is there some way to renew your card? – Of course, there is a way for you to use your card again and it is to renew it. You can do this 180 days before the expiration date, as if you miss this term, you can do it after that. The only think you should know when applying for renewal is that you have to provide your personal data once again, so that to be approved successful!

If you have been approved once, the chance to receive an approval again is huge. But still, do not forget that during the five years you’ve been using you NEXUS card it is quite possible your personal data has been changed. This can reflects on your approval, i.e. to not receive it!

Well, the last one happens really rarely, so be calm and apply for renewal today! We are sure that there will be no problems for you to get your renewed NEXUS card, so just fill-in the application form and enjoy your fast traveling!