Step by step to the great finale – it is time to check out

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You decide to change your address. Try to improve your daily life and find a nice flat. Start packing up, as in the meantime you deal with cleaning of your ex-home as well. You are fully aware that in order to get back your deposit in full, you must refresh all the premises available and equipment as well. Home cleaning is not something you like to do, though you have to so that to be a tenant for example for your landlord. Try doing your best in the name of your “clean” checking out and be sure that your efforts will be worth it.

Step by step to the happy end


You are able to hire a team of professional cleaners when it comes down to the proper end of lease. Thus, you will fully rely on people who know what to do and how to do it so that to leave a fresh trail behind. In the meantime, you will be able to add extra time to your busy daily life that to use for other things like:

-Luggage packing;



-Selection of a new property for rent;

-Shopping etc.

End of lease cleaning may be on last on the “to-do” list, especially if you have managed to find the right helpers in the fight against dirt. Do not forget that step by step end of tenancy service is important due to many of things like:

-High level of disinfection both in the bathroom and the toilet;

-Dust-free furniture;

-Transparently clean windows;

-Polished floor;

-Spotless sofa and mattresses;

-Fluffy rugs and so.

Single-handed end of tenancy cleaning is also a good option which you can choose so that to remain with good relations with the owner of the property in which you have lived so far. Be well-organized and remember the tips at – the only place where you will come across proven and useful advices to follow!

What if we do not clean up our ex-home in the best way possible


The question is why NOT clean properly? Is there any reason why not to do our best in the name of the flat/house in which we were tenants? Home cleaning is not a big deal, especially if we stick to the working tips available for every reader of Van Girls Blog. Take advantage of the interesting information there on how exactly to approach to the dirt which is obviously everywhere. We know you are capable of much more than you think!